Fast fashion is killing our home

Producing one standard shoe costs 14 kilograms of carbon dioxide to our world.

And it’s not just pollution and Global Warming.

The chemicals and materials used in the current shoe industry end up in our waters. They leave humans sick and kill thousands of wildlife species. 

Our generation is leaving a footprint...


“Although there is a growing social consciousness around clothing and apparel, it tends to stop at our ankles. We’re not really thinking about our shoes.”

Tansy E. Hoskins - Author of the book: Foot Work: What Your Shoes Are Doing to The World

let's be part of the solution - STRETS shoes

STRETS were conceived to be part of the movement that fights against fast fashion.

STRETS were designed thinking about future generations.

strets shoes handmade sustainable materials linen biodegradable rope


Linen is a fabric that saves a lot of water. 

When compared to standard cotton, a linen shirt needs 6.4 liters of water to be produced, while a standard cotton shirt requires 2,700 liters of water from our planet.

Linen also doesn't require pesticides, genetically altered seeds or chemical fertilizers,

which end up in our waters, food, animals

and, finally, in ourselves. 


Natural rope is a resistant fabric that requires zero pesticides, making it fully biodegradable, non-polluting

and a pleasant friend of the world we live in.

the process - STRRTS shoes

STRETS are handcrafted in Spain where Fair Trade is guaranteed.

The workers have good working conditions - both social and economic, fair paychecks, work a reasonable number of hours, and their health is protected.

Because STRETS are handcrafted using the ancient "alpargata" techniques, its production does not release a single harmful gas to our atmosphere.

the handmade production process - STRETS shoes