Hey, we are Fly Drums Team 👋

This is us, Tânia and Luís. We craft drums that are easy to play and produce an ethereal immersive sound that lifts your mood and improves creativity.

Beginner Friendly - Ethereal Sound - Lift Mood - Improve Creativity
About Us

We are Portuguese. We met back in 2018, life took us down different paths and travels until recently we decided to join forces to bring this project great to life.

👉 We believe in finding a higher state of mind through sound.
👉 We believe people should be able to freely express themselves through easy-to-play instruments.
👉 We believe in lifting our mood through sound.
👉 But most important of all, we believe creativity flows when you feel like flying!

Our Community

We are absolutely devoted to our yet small but growing community.

They were our support network throughout the process of geting here.

From the concept of the drum to the design, molding, the production of the first prototypes, to the sound tests, to failing, to crying, to getting back to the fight, and finally bringing you the best possible version of these beautifully sounding instruments. They were there.

To our friends, our family, followers, and ambassadors - THANK YOU! ❤️

Meet the Community